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Mexican creators of electronic music Bostich + Fussible, part of Nortec Collective, offered a free concert under the outdoor arts festival at Lincoln Center in New York.
With its fusion of electronic music and rhythms of northern Mexico, the creators fromTijuana to kept on dancing most of the audience Thursday night, nearly three thousand people who gathered in the courtyard of one of the major cultural centers major New York.
Bostich + Fussible, founders of one of the movements most original and daring of Mexico electronic music, appeared with his group of musicians, who executed guitar, accordion, tuba and trumpet, and gave depth and energy to the concert.
The creators and their musicians were accompanied by Wolfgang Flur, one of the founders of the legendary German electronic band Kraftwerk, who played one of the songs.
The second part of the show was spiced with a video broadcast on a giant screen at the back of the stage, which employed in sarcastic manner tribute pictures of ranchers and gunmen.
The concert was organized as part of the tenth anniversary of National Records, Californian company that produces Nortec Collective discs.
The band opened the show was the Jungle Fire California, a mixture of African music, funk, soul and disco.
Nortec Collective offers concert at Lincoln Center in New York

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